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When You Should Use a Ridgid Sewer Camera

When You Should Use a Ridgid Sewer Camera

When is the right time to use a more professional sewer camera?  Don’t waste your money on sewer cameras that are too small or not equipped with the right technology to diagnose your sewer line or drain issues. Read on the find out when to use a Ridgid sewer camera.  

Why Get a Pro Sewer Camera?

When working with sewer pipe and line problems, sometimes you will need to use a professional sewer camera. Some smaller jobs will require a sewer camera that is attached to a short snake, while some of the larger jobs will require the services of a longer, more powerful snake.  

Ridgid Pro Sewer Cameras 

Ridgid makes some of the best professional sewer cameras that are available on the market. They make the toughest and most capable equipment if you have a job that requires a super long snake. 

Ridgid makes some of the best sewer camera inspection equipment that can be found on the market. They provide a drain camera for almost every type of pipe problem you’ll run into. Their most professional grade inspection camera is called the Ridgid SeeSnake.  

Their sewer cameras really outperform others at identifying problem areas within sewer pipes that are located under your or business.  

Ridgid also makes digital recording equipment and a monitor setup that can make your life a whole lot easier as you diagnose sewer line issues on your property. 

When to Use a Ridgid Sewer Camera Quick List  

You will need to know when to put down the cheap sewer camera and pick up a Ridgid camera to solve your plumbing issues.

When to Use a Ridgid Drain Camera
-Need Heavy Duty Cable
-Better Video Quality
-Bigger, Clear Monitor Display
-Need to Record Video
-Longer Cable Needed
-Self Leveling

Need a Heavy-Duty Cable 

Maybe you have a large diameter pipe to inspect.  Or you have a ton of pipes to inspect on your property.  If you’re a plumber or drain specialist, you might be running a business and need a reliable camera like the ones manufactured by Ridgid. 

Video Quality and Monitor Display  

Ridgid offers you the best video quality and monitor display of any brand of professional sewer camera.  You can select color LCD displays and even ones that run on power OR battery so you can use the camera even in situations where there is no power available.   

If you run a business, it’s important that the video and monitor quality is top notch so you can easily and quickly identify issues with your client’s pipes.   

Need to Record the Video 

If you need to record the pipe inspection video, that is when you need a Ridgid Sewer Camera. Ridgid manufactures top notch professional grade cameras that you can mix and match to get exactly what you need.

Recording video means choosing a specific monitor and display to go with your Ridgid Sewer Camera. Ridgid let’s you do that. Other brands of sewer cameras don’t allow you to choose your camera options.

You Have Long Pipes = Long Cable Needed 

Some sewer cameras are limited to shorter pipe because their inspection camera cables are shorter.  These are usually the ones that homeowners buy for using on their properties.  And while they are amazing for using at home, professionals need an inspection camera cable that can reach long lengths.   

They never know what sort of conditions and pipes they might come across on a job sites and have to be ready for anything with a professional camera like a Ridgid. 


This is a great advantage when inspecting pipes.  It’s an option you’ll find built into professional cameras.  There is a transmitter on the camera that keeps the camera level when inspecting the pipes to improve your ability to diagnose problems quickly and easily. 

When to Use a Ridgid Sewer Camera: 1 Con 

The 1 con to a Ridgid sewer camera is that they are expensive.  You get what you pay for when you’re buying a Pro camera.  A Ridgid will make your job so much easier. 


We hope with all the tips we talked about above, that you will know when to use a Ridgid sewer camera versus buying or renting a different brand.  If you have a big job, or your running a business and need reliable equipment, you will need a heavy duty Ridgid sewer camera.