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When is The City Responsible for Sewer Lines?

When is The City Responsible for Sewer Lines?

Let’s find out when is the city responsible for sewer lines. The answer might surprise you.

Before you buy a home, it’s a good idea to figure out if sewer backup is a City Responsibility. Read on for important information.

Can I Sue the City for Sewer Backup?   

What if during a heavy rain there is City sewer backup into your basement? Is the City responsible for the damages?  Can you sue them? 

Most likely the answer is no, they aren’t responsible for the damages to your home and personal property.  You could try, but we aren’t sure how successful you’ll be. 

Is Sewer Backup City Responsibility?  Who is Responsible for Main Sewer Line? 

The law in most areas says that the City is only responsible for the mains, trunks and lines that come to your property line: you are responsible for the rest.  City sewer backup is your problem once it crosses the property line.   

Sewer back up prevention by inspecting your sewer lines with a good sewer camera is part of your line of defense against backups.  A sewer line on your property is your responsibility to keep in tip top shape. 

Is Sewer Backup Covered by Homeowners Insurance?  

Does Homeowners cover sewer backup?  The answer is almost always no.  This, and flooding, are usually separate insurance policies that homeowners have to purchase to cover them specifically for these events. 

Do your due diligence when buying an homeowners policy to make sure that you’re covered in the event of a sewer backup or flood.   

Ask what does sewer backup insurance cover so you know that you’re buying the right coverage for you. Damages can run into the 10s and maybe even 6 figures for repairs, your home will be worth less, and you could lose precious personal items. 

Does Renters Insurance Cover Sewage Backup? 

Same answer as above: no.  We advise you to check with your insurance broker and ask what exactly you need to cover yourself from a sewage backup up as a renter. 

When is The City Responsible for Sewer Lines: Conclusion 

Now that you know that sewer backup is not a City responsibility, inspect and clear out your sewer pipes as soon as possible to keep them running clear and grab yourself the proper insurance.